Our Actions on Safety

Now more than ever we're taking real steps to take care of our people and our guests.


Care for our guests

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    Safe Service

    Our Safety Handbook
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    Staff PPE

    All staff members will wear gloves and masks as requested.

  • Handwashing

    Staff washes hands frequently, at minimum every 30 minutes.

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    Hand Sanitizer

    Hand sanitizer available for guests and staff on site at our events.

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    Plexiglass Barriers

    Plexiglass are used in appropriate areas.

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    Safe Food Handling

    Gloves and masks are used when handling food. Gloves changed frequently.

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    Practice Social Distancing

    Work stations (kitchen and office) spaced 6 or more feet apart.

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    Food Handlers Permit

    Team members have completed the Food Handlers sanitation class.

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    Sanitizing Entire Building

    The entire building (kitchen, coolers, office, door handles, telephones, etc.) sanitized frequently.

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    Safety and Sanitation Manager

    Keeps a checklist and tracks all sanitation practices.

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    Uniform Sanitation

    Chef apparel stays at our commissary and is washed daily.

  • Sanitizing Equipment

    Tables, chairs and event equipment cleaned and sanitized after every use.

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    Contactless Pickup and Delivery

    Contactless pickup and delivery is available for all orders.

  • Occupancy Guidelines

    Seating capacity at venues based on state/local guidelines.

Care for our team

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    Hand Sanitizer

    Hand sanitizer available at all points of entry/exit throughout our commissary.

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    Daily Temperature Check

    Employees must pass a temperature and health check prior to each shift.

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    Health & Safety Check

    All employees complete an Attestation for Worksite Entry document.

  • Icon - Building Saftey

    Building Safety

    The entire building is locked and all entrants must be checked in.

  • Icon - Sick Pay

    Sick Pay

    Sick pay is provided to employees.

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    Daily Meals

    Staff is provided with a nutritious daily meal to power them through the day.

How events are changing

How have Events changed?

  • Most of our social and corporate events have pivoted to a drop off / delivery or pick-up style meal. You can check out our pick-up and delivery menus for more information.
  • We are also able to complement your meal pick-up / delivery with wine, beer, and cocktails as a great way to add a little ‘treat’ on top of your already delicious meal.
  • Our in-house events and cooking classes have turned virtual! Check out our amazing Virtual Events Package! so you and your team, family, and friends can all stay connected.
  • For our virtual cooking classes, Kaspars will provide a box of ‘raw’ ingredients to you and your guests. Then, you and your guests login online and watch Chef Kaspar prepare a meal LIVE ‘alongside’ everyone in their own home!
  • For that extra special touch, add a cocktail kit and wine to your virtual event!
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How are Galas and Fundraisers changing?

  • Gala & Fundraising style of events have mostly shifted to Virtual Events. While the in-person part of this style of the event has changed, most all other aspects of the event have stayed the same.
  • We have pivoted to amazing 3-course, boxed meals that are still accompanied by Kaspars house-made bread and other amazing items.
  • We are happy to report that our Gala & Fundraiser Event Partners have experienced just as much, if not more, fundraising with virtual events! In most cases they have exceeded their pre-covid fundraising goals!
  • All staff and vendors will have their temperature taken before they enter the event.
  • Ask about adding a cocktail kit and wine to your virtual event!!!
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Virtual Events

  • Kaspars developed an amazing Virtual Events Package! so you and your team, family and friends can stay connected!
  • Kaspars will provide a box of ‘raw’ ingredients to you and your guests. Then, you and your guests get to login online and watch Chef Kaspar LIVE prepare a meal ‘along side’ everyone in their own home!
  • This is a great way to stay engaged as a corporate team building activity, to celebrate a birthday, or to just have a good time with some friends.
  • Oh… and did we mention… we can do cocktails too!!!
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How are weddings changing?

  • All staff and vendors will have their temperature taken before they enter the event
  • Tables will be set following all state and county laws.
  • All bars will have a Plexiglas front placed on top of the bar. All drinks will be served with no-contact service.
  • We will not be serving a ‘traditional’ buffet at this time. Buffets will be set-up behind plexiglass barriers with clear lids on the chafing dishes. Our trained staff will plate food items for your guests as they walk through the buffet line. As guests reach the end, they will be handed their custom meal.
  • You will find roll-ups used more often as well as bottled water.
  • We will limit the amount of tableside interaction we have during service. Some examples of this look like; pre-set salads, no filling wine at tables, etc.
  • Disposables will be used often as possible
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  • Q: Can I still plan my event?

    Yes, we are ready to plan your event! While details are changing often, we are following all CDC, WA State and Local County guidelines and we are staying up-to-date with details as they change. More information for Washington State phases can be found here.

  • Q: How will I know my event is safe?

    Our team at Kaspars is staying up-to-date and all details surrounding safe service. We developed a handbook that highlights some key practices we are following to keep our staff and guests safe. You will see details such as wearing masks and gloves at all times, hand washing timers, daily temperature checks and many more details.

  • Q: What are the safest food options?

    At this time, the safest food option is individual portions of food. This can be presented in a to-go/delivery style personalized meal, a plated dinner and/or a served buffet.

Questions? Concerns?

We're happy to help you gather safely.

These are challenging times, but we know that as a company and community, we can get through this together. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. Our team greatly appreciates all of our amazing partnerships and we are looking forward to another 30 years. Thank you and stay safe, Nancy & Kaspar