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Kaspars' Venue

Is there a rental fee for Kaspars' Venue?
Room rental fees are $300 to $400 based on the room you select, and the entire venue can be reserved for $1,000.

What does the rental fee include?

  • Tables and chairs
  • Premium linens in a variety of colors
  • China, flatware and glassware
  • All serving ware for buffets and station
  • Service staff and cooks. (*action station chefs are additional)
  • Assorted décor, electric pillar candles, votives and electric candles

Is there a minimum?
There is a food & beverage minimum, and it is based on the space reserved and event date. Your event planner can assist you with minimum details.

How long is the rental time for?
Room/venue rentals are for a four-hour period for evenings and three hours for daytime events. Additional time can be requested and is billed at $100 for each additional hour per room or $300 for the entire venue. You are able to access the venue up to two hours in advance for setup. If you need additional time for setup and breakdown, we can accommodate it based on availability.

Can I have live entertainment?
Disc jockeys and bands are permitted when the entire venue is reserved, or by special arrangement. Non-amplified entertainment is allowed as approved by your event planner. Kaspars must approve arrangements before confirming your date and room.

Do I need to or can I decorate?
The Kaspars' venue is beautifully designed and offers an array of décor options, including premium satin linens. The venue does not require additional decorating to create a warm inviting setting. You are welcome to add your own personal touches to bring in your theme and personality. Your event planner can work with you on ideas and options. We also work with design companies that we are happy to refer you to.

Can I bring in my own liquor?
Kaspars does allow you to bring in wine and will assess the corkage fee based on the number of bottles used at your event. Kaspars offers a full wine list, and we offer great pricing. Most clients find it is a better value to order directly from our list.

All beer and liquor on the premises must be provided by Kaspars according to our liquor license.

Can we provide our own food?
Kaspars is the exclusive caterer for our venue. However, exceptions can be made for a special item you want to bring in and Kaspars is not able to provide it. Chef Kaspar is well-versed in all types of cuisine and is available to create custom menus and items to fit your needs. Ask your event planner for options.


How do I choose a menu, and can you explain the different menu styles?
Kaspars offers a full selection of menu options to best fit your event style, personal tastes, budgets and dietary needs. Chef Kaspar is also available to custom design menus.

The best place to start is to determine the style, formality and flow you would like for your event, i.e., what do you want guests to be doing while they are at the event? Is there a presentation and you want everyone seated? Do you want guests to be up to mix and mingle? Or is it somewhere in between? Your event planner is happy to talk with you and help you determine the best type of menu and setup to create your event style.

Menu Styles

Plated Sit Down
Guests are all seated, and each course is plated individually and served. Plated dinners are typically three to five courses. A typical three-course dinner includes a soup or salad, an entrée and dessert.

Buffet Meal
There is typically a seat for each guest. A buffet menu includes a variety of salads, side dishes and one to three entrées. The entire menu is on one long table, and guests go through the line at the same time and serve themselves and return to their seat. If you are doing soft seating and do not have enough table seating for all guests, your event planner can help you design a menu to make it easier for guests to eat.

Typically there are an assortment of tall cocktail tables and some seating. Guests will mingle as they eat. The menu is designed for guests to be able to eat with just a fork, or it can be finger food. Hors d’oeuvres are perfect for reception-style menus. The food can be tray passed, on a buffet, in stations or a combination.

Small Plate Stations
Typically there are an assortment of tall cocktail tables and some seating. Guests will mingle as they eat. Each station menu is designed for a small plate and for guests to be able to eat with just a fork. Stations are set up throughout the space, and guests visit each station at a time and eat at their own pace. Stations work best with reception seating when there is seating for about half of your guests and lots of standing cocktail tables. When there is seating for all, guests tend to feel they are supposed to go through all the stations like a buffet, and it becomes awkward when they are carrying multiple plates. Kaspars' Small Plate Stations are designed to select a minimum of three stations for a suitable amount of food.

Menu Options

Kaspars offers a full selection of customizable menus for all menu styles. Your event planner can help you design the perfect menu for your event. Chef Kaspar is also available to create a menu specific to your theme, style of cuisine or food favorites.

How many entrées can I select for a plated dinner?
You can select one main entrée and one vegetarian option for your event. For smaller groups of 80 or less, you may be able to select 2 main entrees based on the location and details of your event. All entrée selections are pre-selected, and the count should be turned in five days prior to the event (for smaller groups, counts can be given three days prior).

How do servers know what each guest has selected?
The host is responsible to provide a marker for each guest to distinguish their entrée selection. Markers are important to provide seamless, unobtrusive service. It is a nicer experience for guests not to have orders be taken, and guests often forget what they ordered.

Markers can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Your event planner can work with you on options and to ensure they are easily distinguishable for servers to see at a distance and in low dinner lighting. The marker should not be on a name tag that guests will wear, as the server cannot see the marker once guests are seated.

Can we order our entrées that night?
We ask that the entrées are pre-selected.

How can I offer more variety?
You can offer a combo entrée of two proteins, such as beef and fish. A tasting menu is also a great option. A tasting menu offers two smaller entrée courses.

Deliveries and Pick-Ups

Do you offer delivery service?
Delivery service is available for most menu items. Some items may require reheating or simple assembly. Your event planner can assist you with selecting a menu that will work best for your location and needs. Food will be displayed on nice disposable wood platters that are compostable. Hot items will be delivered cold or room temperature and will be in oven-ready containers for easy reheating.

Delivery fees are based on delivery time requested and location. Standard delivery hours are M-F 9am to 4pm and include a two-hour delivery time frame. Deliveries for a reduced time frame, outside standard hours and hot deliveries are available and may incur additional delivery fees and/or minimums.

Can I pick up items from your location?
Pick-up service is available for most menu items. Some items may require reheating or simple assembly. Your event planner can assist you with selecting a menu that will work best for your location and needs. Food will be displayed on nice disposable wood platters that are compostable. Hot items will be cold or room temperature and will be in oven-ready containers for easy reheating. When you are picking up shortly before you event, hot items can be packed at serving temperature.

Standard pick-up hours are M-F 9am to 5 pm. Early, late and weekend pick-up times may be available and are determined based on a case by case basis when the kitchen is staffed for other events.

Off-Site Catering and Other Venues

Do you cater at other locations?
We are fully equipped to cater at your favorite location, whether it be in your home, a favorite venue or reception site, community center, park or other unique location.

What if I don’t have a venue yet?
Kaspars has a private venue that can seat up to 200 guests or 300 for a reception. We are also a preferred caterer for many of Seattle’s and the surrounding area’s best venues. Check out our full list of additional venues we service.

Do you cook on-site?
We staff our event with a chef and finish the food on-site so it is hot, fresh and served at its highest quality.

What if my location does not have a kitchen?
We are fully mobile! We have a catering truck fully equipped with a refrigerator, oven, warming oven and deep fryer. We also own a variety of portable cooking equipment including grills, gas and induction burners, hot and cold boxes and convection ovens for smaller events not requiring a full truck.

Do you provide servers?
Our events are fully staffed to provide you with the best experience for you and your guests. Our servers are experienced in all the fine intricacies of professional service. Each event will have a team leader to manage and oversee every detail of the event.

Can you provide a bar?
Kaspars is fully licensed and insured to provide liquor, wine and beer for your event. Our bartenders and servers are also licensed through the state of WA.

We offer a full selection of beverage options. Check out our beverage menus to customize your bar menu. Options include a large variety of local wines, beer and spirits to make your event uniquely northwest.

Chef Kaspar also creates unique house-made non-alcoholic beverages to complete the package.

Can I provide my own beverages?
You can provide your own beverages, and a corkage fee will be assessed based on the number of bottles of wine used at your event. Be sure to check with your venue, as each location may have different policies. You may also be required to obtain a banquet permit through the Washington State Liquor Board.

Can you provide bartenders, equipment and mixers?
Our staff is fully licensed to bartend with your beverages. Do check with the WSLB to see if you are required to obtain a banquet permit.

We can provide all the bartending equipment, including pour spouts, shakers, chill bins, keg coolers and taps. Equipment fees will be based on items needed.

We also offer a variety of garnish packages to include ice, straws, picks, napkins, lemons, limes and mixers such as soda, tonic and juices. Talk with your event planner to determine the package that best fits your needs.

Can I do a cash bar?
We can set up a cash bar for your event. You can choose to have a full cash bar or host some items or a predetermined number of drink tickets per guest. The cash bar set-up fee will be based on the type of bar and number of bars required.

Can my guests pay with a credit card?
We can provide credit card processing. Talk with your event planner about options.

Can I have a cash bar with beverages I provide?
The Liquor Board has very specific rules on this subject. You should speak with them directly to ensure all laws are followed.

Can you provide the rentals?
Kaspars offers a wide selection of rental items available for our clients. Our selection includes a variety of china, glassware, flatware, premium linens, service equipment and décor. We also have a small selection of tables, chairs and chair covers. We keep all our rental items at a good value for our clients to save you money.

We also work with Seattle’s top rental and décor companies and can help you find whatever you are looking for. Your event planner can take care of all the rentals, including arranging deliveries, pickups and coordinating with the venue.

Do you offer disposables?
Our inventory of disposable tableware includes both compostable and recyclable items. We have researched to find all the new, innovative compostable options, and your event planner can find the items that work best for your menu and style.

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